Long Time...

If I can just make it through this semester, I'll weep with joy everything will be fine. The hardest semester I've ever taken, grad school apps, work, a research trip/project, continuing my summer research... It can all be a little overwhelming at times.

But sleep is overrated, right?? Sigh...

Pics from New Mexico are coming soon when I get time.


Written by Christy Breckenridge -

Welcome to adulthood!!! Just wait until there is a wife, children, and a home to take care of. You will have to eat, sleep and play by somebody elses rules. Going to classes when you want, filling out paperwork when you want, and sleeping when you want will seem easy and you will long to have these days back. TRUST ME. Enjoy this while you can. HAVE A HAPPY HALLOWEEN BIRTHDAY!! Your favorite Aunt!!

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