Media ignores terrorism

The Memory Hole >The US Terrorism Plot That the Media Ignores

In May 2003, white supremacists in Texas were caught with a sodium cyanide bomb, other bombs, illegal weapons, hate literature, fake I.D., and chemicals, including hydrochloric acid and nitric acid. In mid-November, three people pleaded guilty to related charges, while seized documents indicate that there are other co-conspirators at large. The feds have served "hundreds of subpoenas across the country," and the plot has been included in the President's daily intelligence briefings. But most of us have never heard about it. . . there hasn't been a word in the New York Times, Washington Post, LA Times, CNN, Fox News, MSNBC, or any other big media outlet. Why have the media decided that this is a non-story?

C'mon blogosphere - let's link to this story and get it some recognition, despite mass media's efforts to ignore it.


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