MegaMan remixed

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I can't get this hook out of my head. Who knew video game hip-hop could be so catchy? Random is giving away 80% of the album online for free. If it's all as good as this song, though, it'll be worth paying for.


Written by noah -

I would advise you to check out Falco Lombardi -- The Girl Oceanic is a good jumping in point. From there, set to find similar music (maybe seed it with Combat Dave or Breakbeat Heartbeat) and enjoy.

Written by Kimberly -

by-the-way, I've never heard this song before...up until about an hour ago when I left that comment on your post below this one -but I should've never clicked on it because now its been stuck in my head too! (side note_ maybe more rap songs should be put in that why it has clean lyrics? I'm impressed...I don't think I've ever heard rap with decent lyrics)

Written by Ward -

Maybe I just played too much Nintendo as a kid, but I love 8-bit synth sounds. And the Mega Man games had some of the best music. Did you catch that the sampled Splash Woman track is from the 2008 Mega Man 9? It's available on Wii Ware, among other sources.

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