Missouri Senate

McCaskill has been putting out some good ads lately. It's sad to see how far Michael J. Fox's Parkinson's has progressed. He'll always be Marty McFly to me.

In related news, Electoral-Vote.com is back covering the polls for the midterm elections The latest polls have shown Talent eating up the small lead that Claire had amassed. It's clearly going to be down to the wire in MO.

And for what it's worth, the current projections put the Senate at a 50/50 split. That's not enough, as Cheney will get the tie-breaking vote for the Republicans. So with a precious few weeks left, do your part to get people voting for Claire.


Written by Liz -

Count 2 absentee ballots coming in from NY for Claire! My boyfriend and I haven't registered here for this exact reason... When I was little, I think it was Talent that ran an ad about Dick Gephart attacking him over some fish farm. In the ad, the kid colors a picture of a fish and sings "Congressman Dick Gephart picks our pockets. Congressman Dick Gephart picks our pockets." about 700 times. For this and other reasons, I've never liked the guy

Written by Mike Goodspeed -

And here's the rebuttal, starring some of our favorite St. Louisans including tonight's starting pitcher Soup, and my boy Kurt Warner. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nguJQ_dRPXw&embed=1

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