My Newest Project

Besides job-hunting and unpacking (yes, still...), I've been woprking on getting Debian GNU/Linux installed on our old P75. It's got a decent hard drive - 8GB - and about 40 megs of RAM, which i'm hoping will be enough to set up a mini-web server. Depending on how well it works, I may try to host the PSP forums, since Andrius is taking that site down, or even better yet, maybe components of the new Beta Chapter site. Best of all, I may be able to move this blog off of blogspot and host it myself. That means lots of cool scripts and a new design. Getting a little ahead of myself here, though...

At the very least, I'll use it for testing purposes. It's turning out to be an interesting project, and I'm learning a lot of useful Linux skills.

My next project this summer? Learning PHP and Perl. My Internet Programming class next semester should be the easiest A i ever get of of college.


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