My Sentiments Exactly

Get your war on

I love science and exploration and think that space exporation is a great thing. In fact, I've alwys wanted to go into space, and I still hope that it will someday be economically feasible possible for me to go into orbit.

However, now is not the right time to announce an initiative like this. First of all, we have no money to support such a mission, considering the record-breaking debt that the Bush adminstration has thrown us into. Then there's the issue of unrealistic expectations.

To support this effort, Bush is only increasing NASA's budget by 1 billion dollars per year. That amount of money isn't nearly enough to do the kind of research and development that is needed to produce viable space transport vehicles and planetary bases. That amount is barely enough to get a couple robotic probes to Mars to do research.

Fix the problems at home first, Bush. Then we can reach for the stars.


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