My usual margarita recipe

@mward asks for marg recipes. Mine goes a little something like this_

1) Get Tequila out of liquor cabinet.

2) Take a swig of tequila, y'know - just to make sure it's still good.

3) Search pantry for margarita mix unsuccessfuly. Take another shot - y'know - just to help you think.

4) Try the closet, then the other cabinet (goddamn it, I swear we had some margarita mix somwehere...) After finding none, do another shot - yknow, just to help loosen up those neurons.

5) Search the cabinet again, this time by throwing the contents on the kitchen floor. (fuckin' mix, gotta be here somewhere...). Swig from the bottle liberally to help numb the frustration.

6) Give up, sit in the middle of floor with the bottle of tequila. Suck on limes and shake table salt into your mouth between pulls.


Written by Ward -

Best margarita I've ever had is Trudy's (in Austin) mexican martini, which is really just a margarita served in a martini glass. Here's the best approximation I've seen, but not the best_ http_// Also good (and closer to a martini) is the classic margarita, a 3_2:1 mix of tequila, triple sec, and lime juice (fresh, of course). In lieu of being able to make the perfect margarita, I frequently make the very satisfying paloma (grapefruit soda, juice of 1 lime, shot of tequila) or El Diablo (shot of tequila, half shot of creme de cassis, juice of one lime, ginger ale). Both are good recipes that nicely highlight the flavor of the tequila.

Written by Ward -

"Here's the best approximation I've seen, but not perfect" is what I meant...

Written by Frozen Drink Machines Houston Texas -

I prefer mine frozen_)

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