Myspace Hacker

For the uninitiated, Myspace is a social networking site. You create a profile with your info, quotes, pictures, etc, and then can also peruse other people's profiles and leave them messages. It's wildly popular among younger folks (though I haven't yet succumbed to the pressure).

Another feature of the service is that you can add people as friends. It doesn't mean much, but some people judge their own popularity by the number of friends they have. One guy decided that he wanted to be popular.

Really popular.

So, he created a javascript exploit that caused anyone who viewed his profile to automatically add him as a friend. As if that wasn't cool enough, he used the same exploit to cause his code to be reproduced on those people's own profiles. From there, it spread virally and exponentially.

It spread so fast, in fact, that within 20 hours of releasing the code, he had accumulated over one million friends.

Read his personal account here.

UPDATE_ I succumbed to the pressure. Find me on Myspace here, if you're so inclined.


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