New Compy

Today I came home after school, turned on my monitor, and noticed grey lines going across the monitor. It's kind of like horizontal ghosting, since it changes based on what's on the screen at the time. From experience, I know that it's indicative of a bad video card. Unfortunately, the computer has video integrated into it's motherboard, so fixing the problem would be more hassle and more expensive than it's worth.

So, with a few swift clicks of the mouse, I ordered something from the Dell Outlet - 2.8 GHz, 512 RAM, 80 GB HD, DVD-burner, for about 400 bucks, with free shipping. I'm now excitedly awaiting it's arrival. It was definitely time to retire the old compy anyway. A 5-year old P3 just doesn't run like it used to. It'll make a nice web/backup server, though. I'll just run it headless, and ssh or VNC in from the new box when I need to.

The next problem is what to name the new computer. Some people take this lightly, but I'll have none of this 'Dell13234857' bullshit. My old computer's name is 'gia'. Notice that it's short, sweet, and elegant.

So I'm currently taking suggestions. Keep in mind that it should be no more than 8 characters, and the computer is probably female.


Written by noah! -

name for compy.... B*tch

Written by Liz -


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