News Briefs

  • I've been accepted into the computational biology program at Baylor College of Medicine, and will be moving to Downtown Houston next fall.
  • The actual name of the program is "Structural and Computational Biology and Molecular Biophysics", but that's way too long, so in casual conversation, I'll continue to call it 'computational biology'. (Most people look rather confused even at that).
  • My spring break trip was great, and I promise pictures and details, as soon as I finish writing the second half of this XML parser in Lisp. (yes, that's about as fun as it sounds...)
  • My wearing of an Omaha Royals hat should not be misconstrued as support for the Kansas City Royals. I won't say that I hate the KC Royals. It's really more of a pity thing. No city should have to root for a team that sucks that much.
  • School is... well... crappy right now. I don't enjoy any of my classes, as they're the ones that I put off until the end for a reason. Thankfully, nice weather has hit K-ville, and it's brightened my mood considerably. It's amazing what a little soccer or frisbee with friends will do for your disposition.


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Congrats on the grad. school acceptance! FreshBoy (BK 325)

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