No Mo' Joe

All kinds of crazy politcal news coming in today. Of course, the big story is that Joe Lieberman, the GOP's favorite democrat, lost the democratic primary today in Connecticut. His opponent, Ned Lamont, was championed by netroots political sites all over the web, and a large part of his money came from small donations through online fundraising. This is people-powered politics in action, and it's a model that's shaking up the establishment in DC.

Discouragingly, Lieberman still intends to run for his senate seat as an independent. Running against your party is the ultimate sign of traitorship, and if he does so, he will likely forfeit all of his democratic fundraising contacts, all of his democratic committee assignments, and all of his democratic endorsements. Here's hoping the dems come down hard on Lieberman for his selfishness.

The other big news is that Tom DeLay's name will likely have to stay on the ballot here in Texas. With huge ethics scandals nipping at his heels, DeLay stepped down from his House positions and the GOP tried to have him replaced on the ballot. A legal battle ensued, with the Texas Supreme Court ultimately deciding that the GOP had missed the deadline and that DeLay's name could not be replaced with another candidate's.

In response, DeLay announced that he will withdraw from the ballot, leaving the GOP without a candidate. They hope to organize a campaign that can win through write-in votes for DeLay's planned replacement. This is one hell of a long shot, though, and Nick Lampson, the Dem candidate is loving it.

When Democrats are poised to win seats here, deep in the heart of Texas, it makes me feel damn good about this fall.


Written by Ian -

Don't get your hopes up. Sugarland would vote for David Duke before a Democrat. :P

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