Nothing Is Inarguable

Liz, from the comments_

There is no middle ground here- there's not a "half life" it's murder or a medical procedure.

So what I'm saying I suppose, is that logically- the pro-birth movement works out for people that hold a certain set of inarguable beliefs

You've hit the crux of the matter when you use the phrase "set of inarguable beliefs". Claiming that anything is above reason flies in the face of every scientific advancement and rational thinker ever to exist.

Someone should tell these people that their own stupidity and complacency do not define the limits of human understanding.


Written by Liz -

Inarguable beliefs... sounds like you hold a few yourself. We all do- otherwise we wouldn't believe in anything. This purely hypothetical truely "pro-birther" I've half-heartedly defended wouldn't be a hypocrite in your last post's examples if they consistantly followed through with thier own set of ethics. This person wouldn't kill a dolphin or a chimp, nor would they turn off life support. Although these things are legal (as abortion is) they are guided by their moral principles. (Note that turning off life support and killing chimps differ from death penalty and war arguements because they involve presumably innocent life.) So if you believe that human life starts at conception, and that the potential to become human equals a human and the potential to become dolphin equals a dolphin, there's little anyone can do to argue with that, besides suggest that you might want to become a vegitarian. Why these people hold this particular set of ethics is a whole other kettle of fish though. Most often they cite a belief in a particular religion. But we know that's irrational... right? Maybe. Not to go all Richard Dawkins here but humans have relied on religion and magic as a powerful survival/coping method for years and atheists may be the ones lacking, regardless of whether there is or isn't a god. So in turn, it may very well be actually impossible to argue with a believer or an atheist. The "pro-birther" may be unable to deny the powerful urge to believe and thereby feels obligated to follow the doctrines of a religion (of which all the major ones are against abortion). You can hardly blame them so long as they follow through on their ethical code. My problem is with the people that don't follow though or just go through the motions-- lots of those folks out there... In the name of the first friendly arguement on abortion in the history of the world, and with much sympathy for the devil, Liz

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