Barack Obama has raised 6.5 million dollars in just over 24 hours since the polls closed on Super Tuesday..

Contrast this to the 5 million dollars the Clintons just had to loan their own campaign. Ouch

Clinton needed a dominant showing on Super Tuesday to wrap this thing up and she just didn't get that. In fact, it looks like Obama not only won more states, but garnered more delegates. Double ouch.

Update A few more notes_

  • Obama's total is now upt 7.5 million in the last 36 hours.
  • 90% of those donations were under 100 dollars. That's remarkable,
  • Many Clinton staffers are working without pay - that's how bad they're hurting.


Written by Michael -

What do you think about 10MM and 100K? Hillary Clinton raised over $10 million from 100,000 donors since the February 5 Super Tuesday contests, her campaign announced Saturday, as Democratic voters in three states and the Virgin Islands weighed in on the presidential race. http://politicalticker.blogs.cnn.com/

Written by Chris -

From the end of that same article_

Obama campaign spokesman Bill Burton said in a Saturday statement that the Illinois senator's campaign had raised more in the month of February than the Clinton campaign had, though he did not reveal the exact amount.
I'll still give Clinton credit - she's got lots of support, and a solid fundraising base. That's why this thing is so close.

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