Obama wins Texas

(for some definitions of "win")

Tonight wasn't the knockout punch Obama supporters had hoped for, but it wasn't all bad, either. Especially when you consider that Obama is likely to win the most delegates in Texas, despite losing the popular vote. In a situation reminiscent of Nevada, he's won the caucuses and enough big-delegate districts to come out ahead.

Still, it looks like this thing will be going past Wyoming and Mississippi to Pennsylvania, where candidates will have well over a month to campaign heavily. (I'm getting tired just thinking about it).

The math is pretty foreboding for Hillary, though. She'll have to win all the remaining states by wide margins to catch up in pledged delegates (nearly 20% margins, by some estimates). She also has to hope that Florida and Michigan get reinstated (possibly by re-voting) and that she does extremely well there. Lastly, she's banking on superdelegates, but I can't believe that the supers will go against the pledged delegate vote, as long as Obama has a solid lead. That kind of brokered convention is the Democratic party's nightmare.


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