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For starters, America just announced to the entire planet that we're OK with Abu Ghraib, we're OK with Guantanamo, and we're OK with illegal wars. This was an important announcement.

hat tip to Bob Harris Thanks to Patrick over at Yelladog for these words of wisdom

Incompetence, incoherence, inarticulateness, pettiness and random savagery apparently do not deter the majority of Americans. The thing that really, REALLY matters to Americans? Homos. And foreigners. Both must be stopped at any cost.
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Written by patrick -

Actually, Bob Harris, though he is a fine writer, did not write that quote above. I did. My name is Patrick. My blog is Yelladog, and the original entry can be found here_ http://www.wasuvi.com/archives/2004/11/taking_it_well.html Thanks for helping to spread the word. Be brave and keep fighting the good fight.

Written by Chris -

Thanks for the heads up, Patrick.

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