Overrated Songs

Some wannabe critics recently collaborated to produce a most overrated songs list. I agree with a lot of them, and the comments about The Doors' "Light My Fire" are hilarious_

Lyrically, Jim Morrison's poetry-set-to-music resembles the scribbling of someone who has just finished the Romantic Poetry section of their tenth grade English class. This doesn't even cover the fact that in the chorus, "fire" is rhymed with "fire", the second of which is delivered with a strangled bellow that is supposed to convey some sort of passion that is missing in Morrison's morose and flat delivery during the rest of the song. Also, "girl we couldn't get much higher"? He sounds like an eight grader who just smoked some oregano he bought in the bathroom of the mall.

Call me a cynical bastard, but these are the kinds of reviews that I really enjoy.


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