As you may know, "The DaVinci Code" movie has been raising a lot of ire within the Catholic community, as it portrays certain elements in a light that isn't flattering. Recently, the Today show interviewed the cast and the following exchange took place_

Matt Lauer: People wanted this to say ‘Fiction fiction fiction!’ How would you have all felt if there was a disclaimer at the beginning of the movie? Would it have been okay with you?”

Ian McKellen_ “I’ve often thought the Bible should have a disclaimer at the front saying ‘This is fiction.’”

Zing! Too perfect.


Written by Joel -

I didn't care for the book. It was way too pulpy for my taste. Dan Brown isn't a good writer.

Written by Christy -

Saw the movie....not one of the 60 million that read the book though. Thought the movie was pretty good. No different than any other good ficticious story.

Written by Karen -

I liked Angels and Demons better. More blood. More death. More excitement. Less romance. Brown doesn't write a good love story.

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