Perfect World

Here's something I wrote back in 2004 and unearthed while doing some organizing today_ I'm fairly sure it was in response to the prompt_ "What would your perfect world be like?".

In my perfect world, people would quit investing their time in crappy mass-media, dumbed down entertainment. They'd quit caring about who's going to get kicked off the island, and they'd pay attention to all of the horrible things going on in this world. Genocide in Darfur, our environment getting trashed, the AIDS epidemic... These are all things affecting real people - thousand of people die every day from preventable problems, and we Americans sit here in our bubbles of banality, saying "Boy, someone should do something about that..."

Call me crazy, but as members of the human race, I think we have an obligation to do something about it.

In my perfect world, Americans would realize that being born within one set of arbitrarily drawn lines on a map does not somehow make us superior to peple living anywhere else.

In my perfect world, people would realize that corporate interests control our nation, and we'd fight back. Call me crazy, but if kids get sick, I think they should be taken care of. And perhaps hospitals should be more interested in the welfare of their patients than their bottom line. How can you possibly put a price on someone's well-being? And how can we possibly put a price on the environment? It's being irreversably destroyed faster than people realize.

In my perfect world, people would wake up and start spporting candidates they actually believe in, instead of voting for someone with better sound bytes and better hair. Democracy only works if people really pay attention, and right now, very few of us are.

Lately, I've been thinking that my perfect world might be on Mars, because I've about had it with this one...


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