Every time I hear something about Christine O'Donnell being a lunatic, I think of this recent quotation by Jon Stewart:

"The last thing that I would suggest is that her witchcraft or masturbation stance should be what we should be thinking about or focusing on, and I think that's an enormous mistake that the Democrats will make. We like to sit around the office and we have a little game called 'How will the Democrats blow it?' And that's the way they'll do it. They'll think somehow that that will resonate with voters, that 20 years ago Christine O'Donnell on MTV said 'Masturbation is a sin.' And they'll play it, and they'll ridicule it, and the voters will be like, 'Yeah, I don't have a job.' That's how they'll blow it."

While I agree that the craziness of the Tea Party needs to be brought to light, I think it's useful for all of us to remember that we need to point out how crazy they are on serious issues too. That idea has kind of refocused my thinking over the last few days.


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