1. How do you respond to hateful mail and comments?

Being the overly analytical, logical person that I am, I analyze them, and see if there's any underlying truth in them. If so, I think about how I can improve the situation by modifying my undesirable behavior.

If, on the other hand, they're a load of crap, as many hateful comments are, i ignore them and get on with my life.

2. What sort of topics have you taken a stand on in your writings? Did it get the reaction you expected? What subjects have you avoided? Why?

I took a pretty strong stance on the war in Iraq. In fact, for a while my blog was prety much exclusively an anti-war blog. Since the whole fiasco has played out now, I don't have the energy to blog. I still care tremendously about what happens, but I'm just too disillusioned to write about it.

The reaction to my blog was mixed - some agreed, others disagreed. It happens. That's life.

3. I read a post over at SnarkyB****.com where the author describes "The Top 10 Reasons I Won't Read Your Blog." What would you add to the list of "Reasons You Won't Read a Blog?" What are some of the reasons that you stopped reading someone's Blog? Do you tell them you've stopped reading? Wouldn't you like to know why someone quit reading yours? Or do you care?

I don't really write this blog for anyone but me. It helps me to coalesce my thoughts into something coherent. Of course, there isn't much going on in my life that I care to bloga bout att he moment, so I've kind of been on hiatus. I may keep this up, I may not. It's not an all consuming passion, like some wierdo bloggers have. It's just something to do when I'm bored.

I stop reading other people's blogs because they're boring. And yeah, mine is heading that direction fast.

4. Do you like to tweak and tinker with your website and blog? Or would you rather have a simple solution so you can concentrate on other things?

Being a coder, I'd love to create a cool site. However, since this blog doesn't matter much to me, I'd rather spend my time and efforts on something like my PSP Chapter's site, that people will actually read/use.

5. Would you take a ride into outer space if given the chance?

Hell yeah. It's been a lifelong dream of mine.

6. Are there any songs, that when you hear them, make you just want to get up and start dancing?

Bombs over Baghdad comes to mind. How can you not move to that?

7. Speaking of music, I read a humor article recently where the author said he can't stand it when people give him "Mix CDs." (In case you don't know, Mix CDs are audio CD compilations that folks make of music on their PCs and give to you for your listening pleasure) He said it reminded him too much of teenagers who made love song "mix tapes" in High School. Have you ever made a "Mix" CD or tape for someone special? What was on it? Did they like it? Are you sure? Has someone made a"mix" just for you? Did you like it? Which one comes to mind? What made it so memorable? What songs were on it?

Woah. Long question. The short answer is yes, I like to make them, and yes, I like to get them.


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