Raising Red Flags

Joel: heh, i'm sure the guys at chernobyl called themselves scientists too.
Joel: granted we aren't playing with nuclear material
Chris: no, no.... we'll leave that one for another party
Joel: maybe we can get a hold of depeleted uranium. I hear that stuff is all over the place.
Chris: hello? yes, comrade.. I'm interested in, how you say, uranium...
Chris: part of me hopes the NSA is reading this right now
Joel: who knows how many people i've pissed off in the past. heh
Chris: dirty bomb osama nuclear war iraq al qaeda washington dc president bush
Chris: if that doesn't set off their filters, nothing will...


Written by Joel Andersen -

So when the NSA shuts this site down and makes the two of us disappear, I wonder if they'll send us to the same war crime camp?

Written by Chris A. Miller -

Just wanted To Say I Enjoy Reading Your Page....And The Fact We Kinda Share The Same Name

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