Re: The Cardinals

Monday, I was pretty damn excited when Pujols hit that homer. I had a friend who was at the game, and I called him on his cell phone right after the ball left the stadium. He had no problem hearing my taunts - I think you could hear a pin drop in that stadium.

Last night was a little bit less fun. I went out to a bar with some friends to watch the game, and I'm almost 100% positive that I was the only Cardinals fan in the place. There's nothing like being surrounded by rowdy fans of the other team to make you feel alone in your misery. No jersey or hat this time, but that didn't stop me from getting flipped off twice. I suppose it would have been more, but most people just felt sorry for me.

Stupid Astros.

My buddies are all trying to convince me to root for Houston now, but I don't think it'll happen. I mean, that'd be like sleeping with the girl who just ran over your wife, right?


Written by Jessica Cross -

i felt your pain as well, Chris. It's not easy living in Chicago and loving the Cardinals!

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