Reasons Karen Rocks

1) She sharks full-grown men out of money in basketball pools

2) Her cat-like reflexes saved the life of an old woman. In a walker.

3) She's a bro. 'Nuff said.

4) I recieved my brand-spanking new Omaha Royals hat the other day, and have worn it constantly since.

my new Omaha Royals hat

(I rarely wear hats, but the blue matches my favorite hooded sweatshirt perfectly, and I love it!)


Written by Christy -

Related to the Kansas City Royals in anyway??? (because they suck)

Written by Jennifer -

So, we're still waiting for the promised details about your trip. You know, I was in Georgia and DC at the same time you were.

Written by Chris -

Yeah, it's the Omaha farm team for the KC royals. But c'mon - you can't hate the Royals that much. After all, they're minor league baseball at its finest!

Written by Karen -

I'm glad you like it. I'd also like to see a photo of you with it on your head please. Thanks!

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