Religious Discrimination

The Bill of Rights of the Texas Constitution (Article I, Section 4) allows people to be excluded from holding office on religious grounds. An official may be "excluded from holding office" if she/he does not "acknowledge the existence of a Supreme Being."

This would specifically exclude all Atheists and Agnostics from holding public office. It would also exclude_
  • Most Buddhists, who do not believe in a personal deity.
  • Members of the Church of Satan; they are typically agnostics.
  • Some Unitarian Universalists.
  • Some followers of the New Age who do not believe in the existence of a personal deity

Remember, that by excluding agnostics and atheists alone, you're saying that roughly 10% of the United States population can't hold office.

Legal bullshit withstanding, there's still no way anyone but a Christian could win office in any but the bluest of blue states. Is this what freedom feels like?



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