Jen over at Mellow-drama recently ranted about her love/hate relationship with the Bush administration. In part, she said_

"Why, why, WHY is it that the only people willing to defend liberty in the wider world are the same people who insist on squelching mine here at home?"

So, what she really wants is someone who leaves her alone and meddles in other countries' affairs, instead of the current philosophy, which is to meddle in both.

The common thread here is that, in both cases, the administration has decided that THEY alone know what's best. They know what's best in Iraq, and they know what's best for you.

Should that really be so surprising?


Written by Kerry -

While I don't always agree with Jen, I enjoy reading her stuff. Because it doesn't upset me when people disagree with me, as long as they're willing to back their opinion up with something substantial. And Jen always does that. But I have to admit, the line "But most of me understands and believes that how America acts in the next few years is going to have a major impact on our ability to remake the world in our own image." sent a chill right down my spine. She did explain that by that she meant allowing others to have various freedoms and legal standing that we have. But the wording just made my mind jump to some Borg like plot Bush has going to turn the entire world into the religious right.

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