rtm-cli: a simple text-based to-do list

Tonight I cleaned up and released version 0.1 of a to-do list program I wrote in perl_

rtm-cli is a command-line todo list in perl that uses Remember the Milk as a backend. It can be used from the shell, or in a simple text-based interactive mode. This not a to-do list manager that tries to be complex or fancy. If you use multiple lists, tags, geolocation, times or other crazy features, this is not the client for you. If you want a clean, text-based, dead simple task list that you can sync to the web, then read on.

I had an itch to scratch after failing to find a no-frills task manager that still syncs to the web, so I can use it whether I'm at work or home. I've been using various early versions of this for a few months now, and it works well for me.

Find out more and download it at my github repository


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