San Francisco

Sea Lions!

I'm in San Francisco until Tuesday night at a conference. I'm staying right on the bay, so I ducked outside tonight for some fresh air and to take a few pictures. After spending 6.5 hours on a plane to get here, and then the next 4 in meetings, I needed to stretch my legs. For those of you who worry that the government isn't spending your tax dollars wisely, know that I had to stop over in Phoenix because the direct flights were too expensive for the NCI. The experience has also convinced me that if I ever take a trans-atlantic flight, I should just load up on Ny-Quil before takeoff. I get a little stir crazy after about 2 hours.

The flight in is very picturesque. After hours of dull brown wasteland, the snow-capped Sierra Nevadas shoot up out of the desert, then give way to the lush green California Valley. The landing at SFO is interesting as well, because the approach is over the bay. Out the window, the water rises closer and closer, until you're convinced that you're about to splash down, but at the last possible second the runway appears to meet the wheels of the plane.

Sadly, there won't be time for much tourism because I'll be cooped up discussing integrative analysis of cancer biology. Don't get me wrong, I'm glad to be here and expect to learn a lot, but I'm definitely wishing I could explore the kick-ass city right outside the hotel doors. Looks like I'll have to come back with Heather one of these days. From the little bit I've seen, it looks awesome.


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One of my favorite cities--been there several times and you are right about flying into that city. Everytime I go, I'm sure we are going to hit the water. Great place to visit, but I wouldn't want to raise kids there. You most certainly will have to go back with Heather. While you are there, try to find some time to hop on the cable car. You can see a fair amount of the city that way. Enjoy!

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