Scientifically Scooped

I'm working on a manuscript now, and I find myself feeling kind of jumpy. Everytime I skim the journal RSS feeds and see a keyword related to my project, I get a little jolt until I finish reading the title/abstract and confirm that no, in fact, they did not beat me to the punch.

I realize logically that there are a huge number of problems in science, and that there's very little reason to think that someone is going to scoop me. Still, it's terrifying to think that my entire last 6 months of work could be rendered obsolete by one paper that duplicates my findings first, or even worse yet, does it more elegantly!

That said, I'm still glad to be working on this article and hopefully, getting a little closer to graduation.


Written by Ward -

Cindy more or less got scooped. But she still got a pretty good paper because she had data the other group didn't and emphasized that aspect of the paper. The nice thing about doing method development is that every approach is a little different and everybody uses different data sets to demonstrate what they've created. Worst case scenario, you end up with a "me too" paper, but it's better than having nothing at all.

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