Selfless, Cold, and Composed

One of the three standout tracks from Ben Fold's latest release, which is a compilation of University acappella groups sining his songs. ("Magic" and "You Don't Know Me" are the others). The rest of the album isn't bad, it's just not stellar either.


Written by Joel Andersen -

"Bitches Ain't Shit" isn't on there. That's a bummer. I know he didn't write the song, but I think it still deserves some spin time. Magic gives me chills though. Wow.

Written by matt butler -

The reason that Magic sounds above and beyond the others is because it's the only studio recording on there, aside from the tracks that Ben did by himself. He was very much focused on capturing the organic live sound of the groups, but he liked that version of Magic so much that he put it on anyway, despite its rather ethereal quality.

Written by Ward -

Didn't realize you were a Ben Folds fan. He's one of my favorites. This a capella album isn't something I expect to listen to a lot, though. It's just a bit much...

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