I walked out of work today to find it snowing. To put this in perspective, this is only the second time this decade that it's snowed in Houston.

And man, was it ever snowing. Big, fat white flakes were dropping - the kind that swirl in the wind and cling to your hair long after you've come in from the cold. People were gathered on the steps, laughing and taking pictures. A 6 year old girl was running around trying to catch snowflakes on her tongue, almost certainly for the first time ever. It made me sad to think that she'll never get a snow day, and won't ever know the childhood joy of making a snow angel.

It made me remember coming in from sledding in the backyard and having hot chocolate with marshmallows in front of a crackling fire. It made me remember how beautiful Truman's campus is after a fresh snow, and how much fun we had sledding down the hill in Red Barn Park wearing trash bag ponchos. As much as I bitched about the cold then, this snow has me missing it now.

So enjoy your snow, Houston. It's probably going to be another long while before you see it again.


Written by Joel -

Don't say that. There's always nuclear winter.

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