Some quickies

Days the federal terror alert system has been in place_ 1,311
Days spent at terror alert level Green or Blue_ 0

Pre-Inquisition Conservatives are proudly hawking the notion that dinosaurs and blue-eyed white guys were holding bake sales together 5,000 years ago. Because it's not enough to merely believe God created the universe -- he also specifically planted an entire false history of the universe to screw with you, you sodomy-loving, DNA-believing-in, post-Newtonian bastards.
. . .
That's it. I'm done. You might as well kill me now, because it's the Apocalypse. All life on this planet is no doubt mere days away from coming to an end, because really -- mankind couldn't possibly get any stupider. Not possible.
-- a great diatribe by Hunter

"Bush says he doesn't want to play the "Blame Game." Makes sense. Never heard of a chicken who wanted to play the "Extra Crispy" game."
Will Durst

If chlorine was a person and sex was a chemical reaction, chlorine would be a whacked out nympho on rohypnol.

From an entertaining article with solid conclusions about the role of science in shaping politics


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