Sorry-ass Excuse for a Post

Look, they'll say! Another crappy internet survey! Just what the world needs!


First job
Licking stamps for my grandma in Buerkle Middle school's office. I got paid 5 bucks and all the soda I could drink. I was seven. (of course, I'd still do it for that, if she threw in a pizza...)

First screen name_LHSChris - guess where I got that one...

First funeral_Grandpa Joe. I was pretty young. I've still never lost anyone that I've felt any strong emotional connection to.

First pet_Maverick and Goose, goldfish

First piercing/tattoo: N/A

First enemy_ My first enemy continues to be stupidity in all it's forms.

First favorite musician_ The Beach Boys. Shut up! I was in second grade, okay...

L A S T S_

Last car ride_ Over to KCOM this morning

Last kiss_ Heather

Last library book checked out_ Shit... I don't even know. I read online texts a lot, or borrow books from friends.

Last movie watched_ I Spy. I definitely can't recommend that one...

Last beverage drank_ Milk with dinner. Skim only, please.

Last food consumed_ Peanut butter and Jelly crackers (aka: Dinner)

Last time showered_ Last night

Last CD played_ Please. My music is all ripped. Counting Crows is playing at the moment.

Last website visited_ I'm looking through open source projects for a good calendar app that I can access via the web and sync with my palm.


Single or Taken
Sorry ladies, I'm currently off the market

Birthday: Halloween

Sign: Scorpio

Siblings: One younger bro

Hair color_ Unremarkably brown

Eye color_ Bluish/Greenish/Grayish. They're cool.

Shoe size_ 10. I just found a great pair of cleats while dumpster diving the other day too. The football squad threw out probably 100 pairs of spikes, some barely used. How fucking ridiculous is that...

Height: 1.75 meters (that's 5'9" for people still using ridiculous systems of measurement)

Right now what are you doing_ Reading some websites, relaxing in the 'Ville.

Wearing: shorts and a t-shirt. What did you expect? A tux?

Thinking about_ Starting to read some journal articles for my research project.

Well, that wasn't a horribly interesting survey, but now that I've filled it out, I'd feel like it was a waste of time if I didn't post it. Enjoy.

Survey via Karen


Written by nbruce -

You need to get to a library fast based on this survey.

Written by Chris -

Actually, now that I'm back at school, I've been reading a lot, both for my research, and for pleasure. The current book I'm working on is "The Age of Spiritual Machines" by Ray Kurzweil. It's interesting stuff.

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