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Bands that I don't like as much as I think I'm supposed to_

  1. Radiohead
  2. Sleater Kinney
  3. Eric Clapton
  4. Dave Matthews Band

Rockin' Song of the day_
'Merican - The Descendants

We flipped the finger to the king of England
Then stole our country from the Indians
With god on our side and guns in our hands
We took it for our own

Built a nation dedicated to liberty,
Justice, and equality
Does it look that way to you? It doesn't look that way to me
It's the sickest joke I know

Listen up, man, I'll tell you who I am
I'm just another stupid American
But you don't want to listen, you don't want to understand
Just finish up your drink and go home.

I come from the land of Ben Franklin,
Twain and Poe and Walt Whitman.
Otis Redding, Ellington,
The country that I love...

But it's the land of the slaves, and the Ku Klux Klan,
The Haymarket Riot, and the Great Depression
Joe McCarthy, Viet Nam
It's the sickest joke I know


I'm proud and ashamed, every 4th of July
You've got to know the truth before you say that you've got pride

Now the cops got tanks 'cause the kids got guns
Shrinks pulling pills on everyone
Cancer from the ocean, cancer from the sun
Straight to Hell we go



Written by Liz -

1. Thinking Radiohead is great is so last decade. We all knew Hail To The Thief wasn't *that* good. Own The Bends, Pablo Honey, and OK Computer. Accept that they are a "90's" band. 2. You don't like Sleater Kinney? Ok, you're wrong on this one. Have you heard they're cover of Fortunate Son?? Oh! is a pop gem. 3. Eric Clapton is a tool. He stopped being cool in the 70's. He should've died young to spare us his white man blues. 4. Dave Matthews is enjoyable, but all in all, giant musical swells and hippie jams don't make for consistent great songwriting. The musicians in his band are talented, but like a lot of talented musicians, they get wanky. There. Feel better? I'm currently recommending Aqueduct (The "song" is Grownin' Up With GNR- but the whole album is good), The Magnetic Fields, The Arcade Fire, and The Slits cover of Heard It Through The Grapevine. All of them on the ipod non-stop these days.

Written by Aim -

I will back you up on Sleater Kinney. I just don't get it. I would like to second the reccommendation of the Magnetic Fields, though.

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