Surprise Finish

For those of you who don't follow politics, here are the Iowa Caucus results_


Gephart has dropped out of the race, as expected, and Clark performed poorly, which is also unsurprising, as he opted to skip Iowa to focus on other key states.

The big surprise here is that both Kerry and Edwards surged ahead of the seemingly unstoppable Dean Machine. This is good news for their campaigns, but I worry that if Dean wins big in NH, it could lead to a drawn-out battle for the nomination. The Democratic Party needs to find a winner as soonas possible, so that the candidates can take their sights off of each other, and focus on taking down George Bush.


Written by Kerry -

Is it wrong that I'm cheering Kerry on only because it's a great ego boost to see "Kerry for President" on t-shirts and bumper stickers? Yes it is? Well, that's what I thought.

Written by Chris -

hahaha... funny stuff. If i snag any good Kerry swag, I'll send it your way. (or at least send you a picture :) ) Seriously, though - the more that I read about Kerry, the more I like his stances on most issues. I wonder if he's strong-willed enough to take on Bush, though. Dean has really tapped into the anger of the left (including mine). It's an appealing thought, but could be political suicide too... sigh.. I worry a lot about this, because if I have to take 4 more years of bush, I may move to Canada.

Written by Ron -

how could dean not win big in NH (a) he's local and the people in the new england area love him. well really that's the only reason i see and he's a good candidate. Don't forget about the little ross perot look alike in dennis kucinich also has great views and unlike dean has stuck strong to his guns and not moved to the right at all during this pre-election what not

Written by Chris -

Don't get me wrong - I really like Kunicich's views. In fact, out of all the candidates, he probably comes closest to my personal viewpoint. However, there's no way in hell that he would win against George Bush, and that needs to be priority number one.

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