Sweating (to the Oldies?)

In the second annual Top 100 Sweatiest Summer City rankings, Houston ranked number 2, behind only Phoenix. To this I say bullshit. Yes, it gets hotter there, and yes, you probably perspire more. However, with the dry air inthe desert, that perspiration doesn't hang around for very long. It evaporates and you stay bone dry.

In Houston, though, the lovely gulf coast humidity keeps that sweat dripping down. Pit stains, swamp-ass - you name a sweat-related phenomenon, and you'll get it here. Only three hellish months of summer left...


Written by Curt -

Houston is piss hot. But have you ever been in New Orleans in August...

Written by Jamie -

Wow that makes me so excited to come visit in August... :P Still finalizing - my office takes EONS to make a flippin' decision. I hope to know by Wednesday - I'll explain all the "drama" at a later date.

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