Syncing Google Calendar to your iPod

In addition to listening to music with my iPod, I use it to carry around a copy of my google calendar. How, you may ask? Well, it takes a few steps to get set up, but it's easy as hell once you do.

Instructions for syncing iPod to Google calendar from Windows or Ubuntu Linux_


  1. Download wget for windows. Extract the contents of the zip file to your windows/system32 folder
  2. In iTunes, be sure that you have "Enable Disk Use" checked for your iPod. Note the drive letter that it maps to in "My Computer"
  3. Download this batch script_ gcal2ipod.bat, the contents of which look like this
    cd I\Calendars
    IF EXIST basic.ics rename basic.ics oldbasic.ics
    set address=" 58bb39a874672ef/basic.ics"
    wget.exe -T 10 -t 3 -O I_\Calendars\basic.ics %address%
    IF EXIST basic.ics del oldbasic.ics
  4. Change every instance of "I:\" to be the appropriate drive letter for your iPod.
  5. Change the google calendar url to match your private feed. This can be found by going to Settings>Calendars, then clicking on your calendar. You want to copy the Private address of the iCal feed. Paste it into the script, in place of the address I have there. Important: You have to change the "%40" in the address to "%%40". This is so the windows command line will recognize the percent sign correctly. (Took me forever to figure that out...)
  6. Save the script and run it by double clicking it. If all goes well, you can fire up your iPod and peruse your calendar entries through the Calendar function. I went a step further and added it to my Scheduled Tasks. Late every night, the script fires up and syncs it for me, if my iPod is connected.


This is going to be vastly simpler on your Ubuntu linux box. I assume that your iPod auto-mounts at /media/ipod (the default location). From the command line_

  1. Create a new script_
  2. Paste this into the script_


    wget http_//
    mv basic.ics /media/ipod/Calendars/basic.ics

    Replace the calendar address with your private iCal feed, as described above.
  3. Save the script, close the editor, then make the script executable_
    chmod +x
  4. Run the script by typing "./". You can then create a cron job and have it run every night, if you're so inclined.

Hope this is helpful!


Written by Mike Goodspeed -

I love you, Chris.

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