Text Adventures

Last night, my phone buzzed, so I picked it up and read the following text message_


Hrmmm... I don't know that phone number. Someone must have mistyped. I'll just ignore it.

30 minutes later_

314-***-****Goodnight and sweet dreams my little angels. May your sleep be peaceful and may you always catch your dreams. I love you and miss you dearly forever. I think you for our time together and will never forget. Good morrow. sweet sorrow. my friends.     ÉŽ I wrote this for my cats that died

WTF? Dead cats? I'm not responding to lunacy like that

This morning_

314-***-****!!!!HAPPY EASTER!!!!

ascii art + different screen resolutions on phones = FAIL. Damn, I'm out 30 cents already - better put an end to this_

MeWho is this? I think you have the wrong number.
314-***-****Caitlin *****. I went to the daycare wit you and dominique

1) I don't know anyone named Dominique. 2) I don't have kids. 3) It's been a couple of decades since I've been to daycare. 4) I don't think anyone I know is ghetto enough to omit the h from "with".

MeYeah, you *definitely* have the wrong number

This is the one that confuses me most. "Sorry", or "Oops" would have been appropriate responses, but "Watever" [sic]?? Do they not believe me? Am I going to continue receiving bizarre texts?


Written by Justin -

Thanks to a $2,000 phone bill I don't receive text messaging! No late night hooligans for me!

Written by Ward -

The best are the texts from guys who were given the wrong number by a girl they tried to pick up the previous night. They are usually very tough to convince and then very disappointed to find out the truth.

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