The Face Of War

This picture is of an Iraqi girl whose parents and brother were mistakenly killed by American soldiers at a checkpoint.

Iraqi child in despair

The bullets ripped through their vehicle, shattering windows, bones, and this girl's life.

"It was dark. Perhaps her father did not see the uniforms, and only saw the guns. Perhaps she and her brothers and sisters were playing too loudly in the back seat, and why couldn't they be quiet (don't make me come back there, I told you before) and he couldn't hear the shouting outside the car, and then it was loud. . .And now it is quiet."

Are we really bringing the hope and freedom that our leaders promoted? All I see is terror and pain.

I can't get this picure out of my head. The anguish, the despair. . . there just aren't words.

Imagine for a moment that this was your family. That this type of incident was happening almost daily. That you personally knew widows, orphans, and amputees whose lives were crushed in a hail of US gunfire. That 101,000 of your fellow citizens had died as a result of this war over the past year and a half. (That's over 33 world trade centers).

Now can you understand why many of them grieve and rage and take up arms against us? It's not because they "hate freedom". It's because war has real consequences.

This war isn't about a CNN bulletin or a three-line obit for an American soldier. It's about the United States soldiers that have lost their lives to this occupation. It's about people like this girl. It's about their families.

It's about the look on her face that will haunt my dreams for days.

"Nobody knows what winning a war looks like, because it has never happened."


Written by Stella -

Chris, Just curious where you got your number of over 100,000... I want to use this picture for an anti-war poster, but have to make sure my facts are correct. Iraq Body Count, lists only 17,703 at max. Is it outdated? Where did your number come from? Much love, ~Stella

Written by Chris -


The Iraq Body Count is an independent public database; it counts media-reported civilian deaths caused by the military action of the USA and its allies since the invasion of Iraq. The site is based on the work of Marc Herold . . . It has been Herold's view that the Iraqi count is probably too low, because it only included incidents that were reported by at least two news organisations. In Iraq, thousands of violent incidents are never reported; the occupation authority's press officer does not record attacks that kill civilians unless they involve loss of life among coalition forces as well.
The figure I reference is based upon a study published in the Lancet medical journal, available here - free registration required, or use the login/pass below_ (username: andi42 / pass_ bandi42) The study has been submitted to vigorous peer review and external critcism and the facts presented have appeared to hold up well.

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