The iPhone model is all wrong

The reason people have stopped paying for a lot of "content" isn't just that they can get it for free, though: it's that they can get lots of competing stuff for free, too

-- Cory Doctorow, on why the iPad won't save traditional media.

He also tears down the walled garden model that Apple is banking so heavily on. Really, this is just AOL all over again. Yes, the iPhone and iPad are popular devices, because they're the first ones on the scene. Ultimately, though, people aren't going to accept crippled devices that only run what Apple says they can run. The reason the PC and the Internet have been so disruptive, and such fertile ground for new forms of expression is the lack of restrictions on what you can build.

It's worth reading Doctorow's take on the whole thing.


Written by matt -

I agree with Doctorow's general point, but via @wired, here's a thoughtful rebuttal, which I find myself agreeing with equally_ http_//

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