The Liberals Strike Back

For those of you who don't know it already, The American Family Association is a pretty heinous organization. They champion all kinds of ultra-right wing causes. This includes censorship of books and videos that they deem to be objectionable (which includes a bunch of classics), and supporting discrimination and hate.

Well, the AFA has recently started running polls on it's site, and has promised to report the results to congress. The latest one asks people to choose how they feel about gay marriage.

The only people who were even made aware of this poll's existence were the people on the AFAs mailing list, and they clearly expect a negative response. I wonder if they'll still present the results if they showed that people favored gay unions/marraiges? I'd know which outcome my money would be on.

UPDATE: It's also fun to use their legislative action forms to send pro-choice, pro-gay marraige letters to your congressional representatives! I'm sure they'd love us doing that! Check it out here.

-- Doing my part to piss off the religious right since 1982.


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