The Military Vote

The idea that soldiers over in Iraq are happy to be there and proud to defend our country is the biggest myth I've ever heard. Why do you think that these soldiers are there? Because they're patriotic? Because they're bringing peace to the people of Iraq?

Though they may find some consolation in those thoughts, but it's hardly representative of how they feel overall. Here's just one of many examples_

I had an opportunity today to run into a complete stranger, a national guard female, while wearing my "Bush Sucks" T-shirt. She has done one tour in Iraq and is fearful of another. She wants out of the guard but would lose her 13+ years towards a retirement. She agreed with my T-shirt and said nearly all the troops over in Iraq felt the same way. They all scratch their heads wondering why they are there. They see no purpose and consider themselves moving targets. They are young, for the most part, and many were forced to leave families and careers behind and they are utterly frustrated at being in a place where we have no business being, according to her. She said everyone in the military is muzzled, afraid to speak out for fear of retaliation but she said they were going to speak out at the ballot box Nov. 2. This took place in Nebraska, about as red a state as you can find.


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