The Problem with Palin

Sam Harris eviscerates the Palin pick:

Americans have an unhealthy desire to see average people promoted to positions of great authority. No one wants an average neurosurgeon or even an average carpenter, but when it comes time to vest a man or woman with more power and responsibility than any person has held in human history, Americans say they want a regular guy, someone just like themselves. . .

This is one of the many points at which narcissism becomes indistinguishable from masochism. Let me put it plainly_ If you want someone just like you to be president of the United States, or even vice president, you deserve whatever dysfunctional society you get. You deserve to be poor, to see the environment despoiled, to watch your children receive a fourth-rate education and to suffer as this country wages -- and loses -- both necessary and unnecessary wars.

The Daily Show highlights the usual lies and hypocrisy from conservative talking heads_

They must not realize that their words are being taped.


Written by Ben B -

heh yeah, james dobson also had some pretty good double standards, basically saying "being christian doesn't mean you're perfect, you make mistakes and we should be forgiving as good christians" though of course he didn't show Bill Clinton any such leniency a few years ago :) The question I want to see that I don't think I've heard yet is "Mrs Palin, has this experience made you reconsider abstinence only sex ed?" :D

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