The Ugly

Things Bush doesn't want you to think about_

  1. The torture and murder of detainees
  2. The $7 trillion national debt
  3. The projected $550 billion dollar budget
  4. The children left behind by "No Child Left Behind"
  5. 832 American war dead on the pretense of Iraqi WMDs
  6. Dubya's AWOL from his military obligation
  7. Taxes on earned income higher than on unearned
  8. Gap between rich and poor growing faster than ever
  9. 3 million lost jobs since dubya took office
  10. Air and water quality deteriorating while EPA is gutted
  11. Osama still on the loose
  12. Conservation and alternative energy sources instead of war for oil
  13. Our crumbling infrastructure, particularly inner cities, power grids, roads and bridges
  14. Outsourcing of jobs as a tool of economic competition
  15. Whether or not your government should lie to you about matters of life and death
  16. Clear Channel and Rupert Murdock controlling 80% of the electronic news media
My apologies - I can't remember where I pulled this from.


Written by Jamie -

Heard he's distant cousins with John Kerry...probably something we don't want to think about either. :P hehe

Written by John -

it appears on might be where you got it.

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