The week in review

The week in review:

Back to school! Even though my classes aren't stellar this semster, it's great to be back in the 'Ville, chillin with my bros again.

Dubya continued his pandering to the religious right by declaring "National Sanctity of Human Life Day". Ironic, coming from the man who was governor of Texas, which executes more prisoners yearly than every other state combined.

On a related note, I have a lot of respect for Gov. Jim Ryan of Illinois, who commuted the death penalty for 167 inmates, and pardoned 4 more who had been proven innocent by DNA evidence. I respect him a great deal, because he approached the situation with an open mind, and his decision was the result of a lengthy investigation of the legal system, not merely a move to appease constituents.

In other news, I'm seriously considering going to DC to participate in the next big peace rally. I figure, hey, you're only young and idealistic once - might as well go with it.

I just wish the American media would accurately report the scope of the opposition to this war in america. Sigh. I think michael moore put it really well in Bowling for Columbine, when he talked about the culture of fear that the American media creates. Read the BBC, or other foreign news outlets sometime -they're much more accurate and objective in their reporting and don't sensationalize things (unless, of course it has to do with the royal family (rolls eyes)


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