They Said It First Because I Was Too Lazy

My political activism has been woefully absent from this blog, as I've become disillusioned and somewhat withdrawn from writing about such things. However, I've still been keeping up on the news as always, and reacting to it privately.

So, in lieu of my thoughts, I'm posting a link to this article, which sums up a lot of what I think about nowadays while reading the headlines. These thoughts include (but are not limited to):

  • Lack of Justification for the Iraqi War
  • Dismay at the Media's Regurgitation of White House Press Releases
  • Bewilderment and Anguish at the Stupidity and Blind Patriotism Exhibited by the Majority of this Nation

Here's an excerpt from that article (for those of you who i know won't read it all):

Fortunately, the PC wordworks has coined a new euphemism to replace the ugly word "retarded." It's "intellectually disabled," and we have it just in time. How else could we describe a majority that accepts the logic of "supporting the troops"? Protest as I might, a local columnist explained to me, once the soldiers are "locked and cocked" I owe them not only my prayers for their safe deliverance but unqualified endorsement of their mission, no matter how immoral and ill-advised it may seem to me.



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