This article sums up the

This article sums up the growing rift between America and Europe rather well. Its not America, persay, that they hate. It's the Bush Administration and it's incredible disregard for both the opinions of the world and even the American public. Here's an excerpt_

"In May 2002 Colin Powell, speaking at an Air Force base in Rome, let the cat out of the bag on Bush's definition of multilateral negotiation_ "He tries to persuade others why that is the correct position. When it does not work, then we will take the position we believe is correct." The "correct" position as enunciated by Bush is one of never-ending war based on the US definition of who is a friend and who is a "terrorist." Lest this sound like hyperbole, consider the following statement_ "Our war with terror begins with Al Qaeda, but it does not end...until every terrorist group of global reach has been found, stopped and defeated." And what if America ends up alienating the entire world in the process? "At some point, we may be the only ones left," Bush told his closest advisers, according to an Administration member who leaked the story to Bob Woodward. "That's OK with me. We are America."

That's the spirit. Bush! Antagonism and a condescending attitude are always the best ways to win support from other nations. And lest you think that we don't need that support, consider this passage from the same article_

""The cell that plotted the World Trade Center attacks was, we now know, based largely in Hamburg, Germany. The Arabs who assassinated the Afghan leader Ahmed Shah Massoud were carrying Belgian passports. Al Qaeda operatives have been discovered in Spain, in France, in Britain. To catch them, we need Europe's police forces, we need Europe's intelligence services, we need Europe's knowledge of its own growing Islamic population.... During what is going to be a war with many different phases, we will also need Europe's help in fighting some of the other, nonmilitary battles."

In this age of globalization, it's impossible to do it on our own for very long. This war on terrorism should be a chance to invite countries around the world to help us stamp out terrorism. In return, all we have to give them the thanks that they deserve, and respect their opinions. With the support of the global community, great things can get done. By shattering our relationships with the world, we just weaken our own political clout.


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