This is the best we can do?

It's hard to pick just one quote from this piece on TV pundits, politics, and orange juice:

There is no spin possible that turns "asking for orange juice" into an issue of elitism or snobbery_ there is, in an infinite sea of alternate realities, not one in which asking for orange juice demonstrates an important negative aspect of character. It is stupid. It is aggressively stupid; it is soul-burrowingly stupid; it is mind-fuckingly stupid. It is the kind of stupid that seeps into the rug so that the entire building stinks of stupid for the next ten years whenever the air conditioning comes on. It is the kind of stupid that wounds all those who come into contact with it. It is a stupid that has been rendered physical_ it leaves a scar.

. . .

It is difficult, after all, to do anything but just plain laugh at the political "experts" shoved in front of us, experts so incompetent and up their own esteemed asses, at this point, that they really can't report on anything more substantial than orange juice stories. They can't do it -- it is not a matter of secret bias, they are just not capable. The top "pundits" of cable television weren't hired for their smarts on the hard issues, they were hired to make ridiculous, off-the-cuff pronouncements on the petty trivialities of the day. They know no more about the concerns of small town Americans than they know about roping cattle or performing a colonoscopy, and yet they will sit on television, in suits costing more than some of the used cars the rest of us drive, and claim expertise on all three.

Read the whole damn thing, and then demand better.


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