Thoughts on the Presidental Race

(Fleshed out from an email to my dad)

I had my doubts about Hillary at first, but she seems to be the juggernaut at this point. I think she could win it, but any of the Democrats will have to try pretty hard to lose this one, especially given the atrocious Republican field. When a schmuck like Giuliani is your front-runner, you've got problems.

Edwards (the mutlimillionare who gets pricey haircuts) is having trouble positioning himself as a populist. Go figure. It's a shame, because his message is pretty good.

I wouldn't count Obama out of this race yet. He's a damn good speaker, and I think his message of unity and hope will really resonate if he can get it out to more people. It remains to be seen whether Hillary's huge war chest can drown his message out.

I have to say my favorite candidate of this cycle is Ron Paul, though. The guy is batshit crazy, but has a small and devoted internet following. (mainly because he's anti-war) This piece by Daniel Miessler pretty much nails him. Here's a summary_

  • Against Federally Supported Public Education
    Your parents are poor? Guess you're not getting a high school diploma.
  • Against Federal College Loans
    How many of you have stafford loans?
  • Against Federal Consumer Protection Groups Like The FDA
    The classic libertarian argument_ Well, if products are unsafe, people will die and customers will stop buying it. I'm sure the families of the deceased will be comforted by that.
  • Against Environmental Protection.
    So NastyMcCorp dumps toxic waste in your backyard. You can't turn to the EPA to help. Instead, you should just sue them! So then it's the best lawyer your broke ass can afford vs NastyMcCorp's gamut of high-priced lawyers. Sounds fair.
  • Doesn’t Believe in the Separation of Church and State
    I'm not even going to talk about this - it's just complete lunacy.

Yeah, this guy will do great as a national candidate. . .


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