I'm sure that there are some hard-hitting assholes out there who think that 'torturing the towel-heads' is okay. The vast majority of Americans, not to mention ALL Christians, should be vehemently against it. It's illegal in this country, it's illegal under international law, and it sure as hell isn't a moral thing to do, regardless of the stakes.

Sadly, Republicans seem to be okay with it. Bush's proposed new Attorney General, Alberto Gonzales, played an integral part in the authorization of torture at Guatanamo, Abu Gharib, and other places_

The request by Mr. Gonzales produced the much-debated Justice Department memorandum of Aug. 1, 2002, which defined torture narrowly and said that Mr. Bush could circumvent domestic and international prohibitions against torture in the name of national security.
This goes all the way to the top, folks. There's plenty of evidence to show that Bush knew what was going on, as well. And despite a huge outcry, both domestically and internationally, Republicans continue to defend the practice_
In the afternoon, I was treated to Sean Hannity and Mark Levin defending torture against a well-informed but out-shouted caller. They fell back on two ideas_ one, that what we did was not torture (there are pictures and sworn accounts that makes this only a semantic argument that won't fly in the long run with decent folks) and two, that it was necessary to get information. This second point is easily debunked (torture does not provide reliable information, and what prosecutions have resulted from this oh-so-critical information?) None of these excuse torture.

In case you haven't picked up on the problem thus far, try this_

The Republicans are defending torture. Torture is not legal, not effective military policy, and disastrous as a policy within the war on terror. It is not Christian, and it's fundamentally unAmerican.

But the GOP is the party of moral values...

Senate Democrats, fight this guy's appointment with everything you've got. He could be worse than Ashcroft.



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