Ughhh - just looked at

Ughhh - just looked at this horrible color scheme for the first time. Look for a new design soon. I'll add it to my To Do list_

1) Lunch with ex-girlfriend Liz tomorrow
We're on good terms, so no drama here folks. Move along.

2) Finish Applications for Summer Research programs
I'm a Bio/CS major, at Truman State University, looking for something in biotech.

3) Pack for School
Classes start Monday, and I need to get ready to move my life back up to the 'Ville.

4) See Bowling For Columbine
I know this movie will never be coming to conservative gun-totin', rural Missouri, so I'd better see it whilie I can.

5) Finish working on the code for the new PSP site
No sneak previews here folks, that's still the old site.

Geez, that's just the beginning of the list. No more time to tell you about the rest - gotta get some sleep, then get to work...


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